"Kitbashing" Naked Snake - Day 1

Actually, this isn't his first day. It should be his SECOND day, 'cause I remember he wears a different clothing when I make a post called "12" FIGURES KITBASHED", but since it's his first time doing an appearance ALONE, I guess I just have to post it as his first day.

So, I finally got myself some time to kitbash my Snake, although it took a few days or weeks since I'm gone hiatus. And plus, MGS: PW should be released a few days ago on April 29th, but somehow, the game isn't here as I expected. It only released in Japan, but the US version will be released around June, so I just need to wait to get both JAP version and ENG version.

And since MGS: PW's been released, I decided to kitbash my Snake into "Peace Walker Style". Here's a few images of Snake:-

This is Snake wearing a Tiger Stripe camo which is Sheva wearing it once before she gone home with her new master.

You can see that he's no longer use his CODEC anymore. Oh, and btw, there's this one guy I chat with him a few weeks ago about how to remove Snake's head without even breaking anything. I told him that "I have a Chinese friend and he's the owner of a 1/6 toy store. When I ask him about how to remove the Medicom's head, he said you can't remove it."

And he said, "Actually, you CAN."

"What? Then, how am I suppose to remove it? When I try to remove the head, all I can hear is some "squeaking" noise, but I was too afraid to do it, 'cause I have no experience changing the Medicom's head."

Then, he told me "just remove the head by turning the head left and right, but DON'T DO IT SO HARD, 'cause it'll eventually break if you do a mistake."

And I try to do that and it worked! So I told him that I can remove it by not breaking it and I can FINALLY remove the headset that Snake's wearing. To the guy who's saying that I can't remove the Medicom's head, sorry, dude. But I guess you're a bit wrong. :)

As you can see, I removed both the radio communicator and the C. Q. C. knife, 'cause I try to follow the outfit from the game, "Peace Walker".

Over here, you can see there's 3 holsters; 2 on the right and 1 on the left, just like in the game.
Here's the in-game screencap:-

^^^I know it's a bit blurry, but atleast you can see the holsters.^^^

At the back, you can see him carrying 2 canteens, both at the side just like in the game.
Here's another in-game screencap:-

^^^Again, sorry for another blurry image^^^

There's a few things that's NOT 100% like "Peace Walker" is this:-

1.) A few belts
2.) A green gun holster
3.) Some shoulder pads

And I think that's that. And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching these images, and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)

Oh yeah, btw...