"I'm Done Here..." ~ Solid Snake from SSBB

Hey, guys. Sorry for a long, loo~~ng unactive post, but I just have some bad news...

~Solid Snake from Super Smash Bros. BRAWL

So what does this means? It means that I won't be posting anything anymore, not like I used to, 'cause sometimes, posting some shitty stuff makes you tired, and it makes you gone headache just to make one friggin' post. And no, I won't posting my "loot" anymore either, even though I got some new things to show you, but I don't want to. But yes, I still DO lurking some blogs, including go! fi6ure, toyz station, toy haven, actfigstuff, CH Toynation, etc., etc.

So guys... Maybe this is the end... It's nice to meet you guys, but I think this is the end...

Btw, here's my special gift to all of you before leaving:-

And that's all for my final post, I hope you guys are enjoy this weekend, and I really look forward to see you guys again. :'(