JHouston791@gmail.com - A spammer?

So like, I got this message earlier morning on Gmail account and saying something like this:-

"Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.


Joel Houston

Talk about it? What is this, some kind of "business" talk? Dude, I'm not into that kinda thing, man. And also, before I could accept this Joel guy, I search his name on the web and you know what? It appears that he almost saying the same thing! Try to take a look at these two screenshots I took a few minutes ago:-

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yep, you guys guessed it. These two screenshots I took a few minutes ago was that I was looking for his name by searching his Gmail account and in fact, there's a lots of results of his Gmail account by saying the same line.

Now a question; why would I post his Gmail account and posting something crap like this? Well that's because I want you guys to know that people like this "Joel" guy... IS A SPAMMER! Just look at the screenshots again and see how many blogs does he posted using the same lines over and over again? It turns out that he's a toy collector, as well.

Mr. Joel Houston or whoever you are, if you're either reading this or not, if you want someone to come over and visit your blog, you don't HAVE to post them on any toy blogs. That's as if you're spamming their blogs and you know, bloggers don't like spammers. So why don't you keep your same old lines like a robot to yourself and just sit there, posting anything you want, huh? And thank you for your "co-operation". :)

And that's all for the post, and see you guys next time. ;)


Anonymous said...

Heh~! Thanks for the heads up. I notice some bloggers in my blogroll also received this so-called "user".

I'll be blocking this Kisama-tachi upon getting it. >D

Munir bin Julaihi said...

No problem, dude. Always wanna warn toy bloggers if there's anything unusual happen. :)

TSINI said...

Hi there mate, I've been recieving these Jhouston messages also on several of my wargaming blogs.

Is he specifically targetting toy based blogs?

Munir bin Julaihi said...

TSINI:- Yeah, but not just toy bloggers, but games as well, as you can see the screenshots.

It seems that this Joel guy wants to get our attention so he can get more views/visitors on his blog.

And of course, we all knew that whoever do this kinda shit, is a "n00b". (And yes, I'm a gamer. LOL!)

And BTW, like your blogs, man.

kimikimkimster said...

Thanks for this entry, man. It helped... until now. I did the same thing. I sent him a little reply for visiting my site and then he asks me what my blog url is, what the hell? This guy makes a comment on my blog he JUST visited and then he asks me the blog url?

Then I google search his email address, your entry popped up and so did a whole bunch of search results saying he found broken links blah blah blah. I'm currently keeping watch if something else happens. Cheers.

Cat Carlisle said...

Thanks so much, you saved me from wasting my time on this guy. Seems he's moved on to crafting blogs. Delete!

Salvador said...

I thank you (and praise you) for your work regarding the said "spammer" who has targeted my (miniature gaming) blog too. I found his spam message on a gaming blog, a miniature collecting blog, a toy collecting blog, a video gaming blog, an artwork (drawing and illustrations) blog and finally a sports club (basketball) blog!


UK ho Modeler said...

Yeah I've had mails from this guy too, I guess he's trying to get more traffic for his own blog or site. A quick google found plenty of hits on him, including yours, to I didn't reply. Thanks for the heads up.

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