Desmond's Hoodie - is it worth it?

Whoaw, it's been for like 2 months I haven't been here. o.O Well, let's just skip to the topic, how 'bout that?

Anyways, a lot of people were talking about this Desmond's hoodie from UbiWorkshop and some of them were complaining about the hoodie, either "not having a beak on the hoodie", "a weird mesh on both sides of the hoodie that makes you look stupid", "no warm pockets whatsoever (reversible)" or "the price was too ridiculous".

Let's just say the hoodies are having a mixed review, should for me to say. I'm a fan of AC as well and I was planning to buy the hoodie too, but after reading all the comments, I guess that I have to think twice before purchasing it. I mean, I don't wanna spend $90 for just one hoodie, man. The price was so ridiculously expensive. Yeah, I know it's by "UbiWorkshop", but to me, it's just another "fans for fans". The hoodie's not even expensive, but a cheap-lookin', too.

Now I know that they're trying to make it LOOK like Desmond's hoodie from the game, but overpriced hoodie? You gotta be kidding me! And also, there's no warm pockets on the Reversible one. Yes, NO WARM POCKETS ON 'EM. But I don't think that's the problem for all the hoodies, right? I mean you can choose some other hoodies with warm pockets.

And now, for the main problem; the hoodie.

Everybody keeps complaining about "not having a beak" on it. Some people want it, some are not, and some of them are just... don't care if there's a beak or not, and I'm one of them. LOL!

Yeah, really. I don't care if there's a beak or not 'cause I love hoodies and I'll take any of them as long as it's quality and not-so-expensive. Now, I've been collecting hoodies for years but not that much, but I never see a hoodie that's not so quality and yet it's overpriced. I mean, just look at this pic for example:-

...Okay, maybe it's not that cheap-lookin', but seriously, $90 for one hoodie? Is this some kind of a... niche market or what? Everybody's complaining about the hoodie been so expensive. And I guess I have to cancel my order for this hoodie...

And then one night, I was looking for a hoodie WITH BEAK and I stumbled on this post at UbiWorkshop:-

One Skilled Mom

And I was amazed by her skill! I mean, the hoodie is an EXACT REPLICA to that Desmond's hoodie from AC: Brotherhood. Here's a few samples from the post:-

Now THIS, is what I called a "MASTERPIECE"! I was wondering; why UbiWorkshop didn't make this? It looks so awesome and it's almost an exact replica of Desmond's hoodie from the game. This is a MUST-HAVE for all AC fans! 8D

And I guess that's all for now, and will see you guys next time. ;)