Facepunch is a bunch of whiners...

Hey, guys! Sorry for not being able to post anything here 'cause I've been busy with works and events that I'm going to attend. Lots of stuff happening lately and I'm pretty busy with my Facebook, too.

Anyways, I just went to this one site which I think most of you guys are familiar with it and I read this one thread and when I was reading the whole thread, there's this one poster who actually knew how to rip models and contents from a PS3 games. But there's 3 to 4 people who are a bunch of whiners who kept saying that "it's impossible to rip models from a console game" and one of them seems like as if he doesn't believe what he said about ripping stuff from PS3 game by saying,

...but Chroxx proved him wrong. So, he posted 2 images of a ripped model from a PS3 game, which is this:-

But there's another user who does not believes it and denies it by saying,

And since these guys doesn't believe it at all and still with their "impossible to rip PS3 games" conversation shit, Chroxx posted another 2 images and this time, he shows 2 extracted models from the famous and popular video game ever in PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4...

And he also realized that Chroxx is from Xentax, and that he apologizes it by saying,

And since then, a lot of people seems to ask him to rip models from Heavy Rain until there's this one user who is seems protesting about it and says,

...but Exorade responded by saying,

...but xalener, still protest and yet ignorant, responded by saying,

...and as you can see it from here, you guys might already knew that the members from Facepunch is filled with nothing but a bunch of whiners and lazy bums who would like to download and never give credits to the author. Why? 'Cause it fills with fat kids who likes to steal stuff!

LOL! Just kidding. 'Cause they're thieves.

They like to download stuff and never give credits to the original ripper, no matter what the model is. And besides, like I said, they're a bunch of whiners and lazy bums. Whiners, as in, they want someone to release the models as possible, and once the ripper doesn't have any plans to release them, they'll be whining like a bitch and forcing them to release it just for themselves. And once they got the stuff they want, they leave it just like that and then claim it as their own. And that's one of the reason why I don't like Facepunch. They're a bunch of whiners... >.>

And that's all for the post, I hope you guys enjoy reading the post and oh, in case you wondering which thread I got this from, it's here:-

Heavy Rain Models

See ya! ;)