"How are you going to get it back?"

At some point, I always wondering myself why all these cosplay props and costumes are far more expensive than video game consoles or action figures.

The prices for them is only around B$10 - B$500+ or so, but for costumes or cosplay props, they're like, starting from B$50+ - B$1500+, almost the same price as Samsung or iPhone smartphones.

Then entering a costume competition, won a first place and you get B$200 as a prize. To think this far, if I only get B$200 on 1st Place in cosplay competition for my B$1500 costume, that means in total of the costume that I made is B$1300.

If that so, then why should I make a costume that costs B$1500 while winning the competition can only get me B$200? I'd rather not entering at all. Heck, I'd rather having a job to get more money instead of simply entering the competition.

Yeah, it is part of our hobby, but if I were you, I would think twice on which stuff I should spend. I won't be spending my entire wallet to the expensive props and costumes just for the sake of hobby. Instead, I'll be spending to something more useful, something that can help me a bit. Like computers, for example.

Let me ask you this; how are you going to cover up your cosplay budget? For example, your cosplay budget is around, - not really expensive -, B$200. How are you going to get it back with the same amount of your budget WITHOUT ANY HELP OR INVOLVED your job? No, I don't say ANYONE, I say JOB.

I always asking myself how to cover up my cosplay budget without my job getting involved. However, I do have several answers to that question of mine, though I can't tell what it is. It is up to you on how to handle that question I have. But note that this question isn't for you, but for me as well. All of us, that is. How or what stuff you come up to with depends on you.