EX Figures are in big trouble...

3 days ago, EX Figures has recently made an announcement on their official FB page and they're having a lot more than just customer's complaint...

Their recent announcement on their FB page.

Yep, that's their latest announcement. When I read their status, it's hard for me to accept this as my hopes to grab myself a custom Assassin's Creed figure has come to an end. Now that they're having a legal issue thing going on, it looks like EX Figures won't be exist in the near future. That same goes to their products as well, meaning all those custom Assassin's Creed figures they made will be thrown away and crushed to bits.

However, that's not all. Before they made this announcement, there's been a lack of communications with their customers, that is after they open a pre-order of their Wolfman figure. Since then, there's so many customers weren't satisfied and they demand for a refund because they've broke their promise a lot and giving an excuse to them. Now, EX Figures got more and more problems because of this.

As for me, I don't feel like to accept this anymore. I just want to buy the figures and I want it NOW. I've been WAITING FOR SO LONG for this and yet, THIS HAPPENS. I really am totally disappointed of this. But I can only hope that they will release it in the future, after this legal issue thing is solved. I still want those figures.

And that's all for the post and hope to see you guys again soon. ;)