Working on 2 FNAF animations.

I maybe haven't posted this before, but I'm currently working on an FNAF animation -- BTW, I'm done with the cosplay thing so there should be no more posts about it anymore -- and it should be atleast 2 animations; both FNAF and FNAF2.

I'm currently working on the first animation and it's almost done by now except for the map which I need to add the textures manually onto it. I maybe able to do it in SFM but unfortunately, I don't own both Gmod and CS: Source and unfortunately, my computer couldn't handle any high-end graphics so I think I gotta purchased a customized Mac Pro though I'm not sure when. I've always wanted to buy Mac Pro and not just for 3D, but other purposes as well like the label designs or banners and what not. I really need that Mac Pro.

Anyways, here's a screenshot preview of Freddy wearing what look like to be a huge Top Hat on his head instead of his small-sized Top Hat:-

Credits goes to 16NIS for his FNAF models for Gmod.
The animations for Freddy is almost done and I'm gonna finish it either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Then I can proceed to the next animation project which it's gonna be an FNAF2 animation project (I think I did mention that earlier).

So yeah, I think that's about it. Also, I've set up an FB page for those who wants to follow any updates from this animation by clicking here.

And that's all for the post and I'll see you guys later. Cheers. ;)