Something's weird goin' on at Ghost in The Shell Episode 17 Season 2

Last night when I was watching G. i. T. S. 2nd GiG on YouTube, I was kinda bored and all, so I watched the Episode 17. I haven't watched that part, I only watched the latest one, but never seen Episode 17, so I watched that part. But then when I was about watching the 2nd Part of the Episode, I paused the video and see all the comments and...

What the hell? Are they talkin' about sex? Here's an image of the comments:-

O...kay. That's.. weird. And another comments that is PRETTY weird... Check this one:-

It seems like they talking about SEX. Yeah, SEX. So I stopped watching the 2nd part, and I don't wanna  watch that part 'cause... you know... And I found THIS video, which actually it's... You'd better watch it yourself.

o.O The kid is... having SEX with Motoko Kusanagi?! Damn! I'm so jealous of that kid....
But the thing that I'm afraid is that, if I having SEX with her, I'll be "electrocuted" by her.


I don't wanna have sex with CYBORGS. I'd better have sex with the real ones instead. She's... kinda give me creeps after hearing that she is a cyborg.

(If I did have sex with her, I'm afraid that she's RAPING me. Maybe she puts her cable in my mouth. Or she puts her finger on my ass. Or worst, she puts her HAND on my mouth! That... gives me the nightmare...)