Yes! Finally! Me cosplaying as one of the Organization XIII member!!! YAY!!! Well, actually not...
Because since I can't find an eyepatch, I can't cosplay as Xigbar. Well, I CAN cosplay Xigbar, but more like a younger version of Xigbar. And also, I'm going to cosplay using a black-hockey mask. Nope, not the white one. The black one, the OLD one. Here's a couple of images of me doing the cosplay:-

Okay, maybe I'm not look like Xigbar, 'cause I don't have the eyepatch. Well, not only eyepatch, but the makeups, the "pointy ears", etc., etc. But you can call me "Young Xigbar" before when he's been turned into a demon if you want. lol

A side view of my "Young Xigbar".

The back view.

Last night, someone texting me about the size of the hood, and here it is. It's... too big for my head, but atleast it has an "excellent" quality.

A side view. Hmm, I do look like one of Organization XIII member with this view, huh?

The back view.

Phew... NOW I can see something that I don't see.

Well, that's my "Young Xigbar" cosplay, even though I don't look like "Xigbar", but atleast I DO look like him. Anyway, there's another 2 cosplays I made myself. Yep, 2 cosplays. Here's the images of me doing 2 cosplays:- (Note: The images has been arranged AND categorized.)

Mr. Jackal

Yep, that's the character's name for my Organization XIII character. It's my own character, yes, and it looks pretty awesome. Let's go and see some images below.

Here's me with my black-hockey mask.

Another me with a different pose.

Me revealing myself by opening the hood.

Wow, I do look like Jason, do I? lol

Another pose...

...and another pose....

...and another. Wait, how many poses do I have? What, 6? lol xP

Front view.

A side view.

The back view.

Tell you the truth, I really like this pose. Why? 'Cause it reminds me someone...
Naked Snake. Or should I say... Big Boss? If you have some MPO wallpapers, there's one image that has this kinda pose.

And that's for the first cosplay. Now, the second one...

MR Johnny

I'm actually use this name 'cause if you see the name "Mr. Jackal", he only use it if he's with his friends, the Organization XIII members. He'll use this name if he's on Roxas' side. Or Sora's. Whatever his name is. Here's the images:-

Whoa... Okay, that looks a lil'... horror to me... o.O

Another pose with a... horror-like on my face.

I look a lil' bit scary, eh? lol

Me opening my hood just to reveal my face without using a mask.

Note that I am NOT like Undertaker. Even though I have a long hair like him, but I'm not him.

Different posings. [1/3]

Different posings. [2/3]

Different posings. [3/3]

I guess I do look like Undertaker, huh? lol

Me doing a "victory" or "peace" sign. Looks weird, right?  lol xD

And that's all for my KH2 Organization XIII cosplay photos. I hope you enjoy watching them and we'll meet again as usual in the next post. See ya. ;)