Another Night in Alpha All Cyber Café

Two nights ago, I was visiting to Alpha All Cyber Café to play ROCK BAND 2. When I was there, the room's are full with crowd. Wow, badabing~! Check these pictures!

A room full with people. Oh yeah, note that there's 2 ROCK BANDS now. Wii is still available, don't worry. And did you see the "Chop Suey" on the right? That's me. I use vocal 'cause I just try my luck. Maybe I'm gonna go there tonight. ;)

One group playing ROCK BAND.

A group of people playing FIFA/Winning Eleven 2010.

This is Group A. I know it;s only two people here. Guess who? The guy wearing the red t-shirt. xD

This is Group B. Two guys playing FIFA/Winning Eleven 2010 while the other two are waiting for playing.... Or maybe....

And here, we have a group playing L4D2. Wow, I can't believe a lot of people playing L4D2 these days since the release of L4D2. o.O

I know it's dark here, but this is better than using light. It matches both the environment and the game.

That's why I love to go there at night 'cause that's what I wanted. A night with full of people. And that's why, in my opinion...


Not even that UNI Arcade Funland, either. All the Cyber Café that I always went to in Gadong and in Kiulap, all of 'em are just a bunch of computers. Unlike this, there's also an internet café, which you can brought your laptop over to the café and start surfing.

Note:- If you wanna use the internet, you gotta pay $1, as usual.

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching the images and reading it, I'll see you guys sooner or later.