DEV Meet 5/A Meeting with Some Mates

Now I know all of you guys are enjoy being there, meeting with some new friends and all, and FYI, there's one blog I recently visit and it's this:-

Right now, Eric's postin' some images from DEV Meet, so you should go there and have a look at the pictures. There's Hatsune Miku, SWAT, Cloud Strife from FF7, Roxas from KH2, and there's even Katamari Damacy, too.

So, go head to CH-Toynation blog if you wanna see 'em.

That's for the DEV Meet part. Now, for MY part.

Sorry for not updating my blog, I was busy these few days. I have a meeting with some groups of designers yesterday at The Mall. We were sitting outside of the Chill Zone café, discussing about the next expo at The Mall. They saying that they'll gonna need me, but they don't wanna credit me. I ask them why, and they say that they don't wanna be exposed to public. They also don't want their names being credited. So I say,

"Okay, as long as you guys pay me for my work, I don't even care if my name's being credited or not as long as you guys pay me to do it."

Then, after a few minutes, I show them my designs and ask them what's their opinion. And they say, "Great". So they pay me $400 and I was like, "Awesome, dude. With this money, I can buy anything I want." And then, we say our goodbyes to each other and leave the place and that's that.

When I went outside, I was thinking if I can go to the DEV Meet, and you guys know what I'm thinking? This is what I've been thinking;

There's a few negatives and lot of positives in my mind. And here's the list of each one:-


1.) Meeting some new friends
2.) Taking pictures
3.) Having a bit chit-chat with friends
4.) A bit party, perhaps?
5.) Apologizing to him

NEGATIVE:- (Note that this is the only category I type TOO LONG)

1.) 10 AM - 5 PM? Damn, that's 7 hours long. What the hell am I doing for 7 hours? I'm wasting 7 hours doing nothing. Just stand there, walking around like an idiot. Time is money, and I can't waste those 7 hours without even doing bid'ness.

2.) Something tells me not to go there, and that is... someone doesn't like me to go there. I mean, someone's gonna hate me if I'm go there, and he's not gone like it. I feel like someone's not gonna welcome me with an open arms. And I was thinking,

"Damn, why did I make that video? I feel like a totally jackass... Now I guess I can't go there... God, I'm such an idiot... I know I shouldn't have make that video..."

3.) Meh, for what?

Then finally, I decide it...

Not to go to the meeting.

Yes, you heard that right. And the reason? THIS is the reason:-

Clue: NEGATIVE>No. 2.

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy reading it, and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)