"Bitch, I want my motherfucking change back!"

Before we can jump onto the post, let me clear this out to you...

THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A RACIST VIDEO!!!(Although Japanese these days loves to actin' like they're the boss in other countries...)

lol at the title! I watched this vid last night and I couldn't stop laughing when this ghetto kid comes to get his change while the Japanese girl tries to cheat him by saying he owes her $5. The truth is, the kid pays her $25 and he owes her $25 but she seems like she don't want to let the money go, so she's trying to playing around with this kid. And you know what he said? This is what he said:-

"I'mma blow this motherfucker out if I don't get my motherfuckin' change back."

Now THAT, is the best line ever! Oh, and one more line he said to the Japanese girl:-

"Homegirl, don't try to talk that Japanese shit over here, this is America!"

Yeah! Beat that Japanese bitch! America FTW!

(Note: The truth is, during WWI or WWII, both British Air Forces and America Air Forces help Brunei to prevent Japanese to takeover the country. Without them, we all dead. So that's why I love those countries and I thank them very much for the help. :) )

Btw, here's the video where Japanese girl fighting with American ghetto kid:-

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching the video (and please don't be mad about watching the vid, this is NOT a racist video) and I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)