The Modem's Just Gotten Worse...

I'm kinda dissapointed... I thought this new modem seems a lot better than BandLuxe, but now.. It's getting worst. My brother bought this new modem called "PROLiNK PHS100 3.5" and I thought it's faster than BandLuxe, but you know what? I was wrong. PROLiNK sucks...

I mean, every if I try to use it, I always got this error saying "the communication device are unexpectedly hung up" or something. If BandLuxe, there's not even a single error, just that if move the modem a bit, it'll disconnect itself, but that can still fix. This, it's just completely stupid. Speaking of PROLiNK, if you don't know what it looks like, here's the sample of the modem:-

Yep, that's the modem right there. Also, you know why I hate this modem SO MUCH than BandLuxe? Here's the reasons why:-

1.) The signal seems a bit difficult to understand. Sometimes it goes GREEN and then sometimes it goes RED and sometimes it goes MAGENTA or PURPLE, while BandLuxe is easy.

2.) Everytime if I wanna use for Mac, it always ask for a password in order to use the modem. That's just stupid. BandLuxe is easy. Just plug in till the "Notice" window pops out, and then wait till the BandLuxe CD icon appears and then just "Connect" it right away. Simple.

3.) Sometimes, there's a glitch. It says that my D/L speed is 100kb per sec, but if you notice carefully, you were actually downloading it in about 4-5kb per sec.... THAT'S TOO FUCKING SLOW!!!

4.) This is the part where I hate the most; downloading large files. If I use BandLuxe and if I were lucky, sometimes it downloads 90+kb per sec, and sometimes it's 100+kb per sec, which means if I download 100MB, I can only wait in about 20-30mins to finished. While THIS, THIS, STUPID THING makes me like I wanna go to out with my friends till one week. And sometimes, you will get 0kb per sec. And then, it goes OFFLINE and it disconnect it itself. Just.... what the fuck?

5.) And this is the most annoying part; disconnects itself in the middle of my work. This always happens almost EVERYTIME I use it. If BandLuxe, it only disconnects itself if I don't do surfing the web, and I got the message saying "the communication device is disconnected due to a lack of network activity". While this one, you haven't do anything and you already start having this message saying, "the communication device is unexpectedly hung up." ....What the fuck is that?

You know what? I'm not gonna use this anymore, it's completely stupid... I think I'm gonna buy myself another new BandLuxe modem from DST, 'cause the signal are strong and it always gone BLUE if I wanna download something big.

Oh, and btw, I'm gonna post the finished "teaser" AFTER I got myself a BandLuxe or GO!Broadband from DSTCom, meaning I'm not gonna post anything UNTIL I get the modem.

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys learn something today and I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)


Tatagamae said...

as far as I'm concerned, PROLiNK PHS100 3.5 only supports up to 3.6Mbps of download speed... while DST's Bandluxe supports 7.2Mbps (GO! Broadband has the speed of 7.2Mbps = 900KBps), which is why you don't really get decent speed with that modem you bought.

Munir bin Julaihi said...

Hell-fucking-yeah, you're damn right. Besides, like I said, I'm gonna another one in case anything happened to PROLiNK. ...I should've go for BandLuxe....