"Kitbashing" Sheva Alomar - Day 1

Here it is... Kitbashing Sheva Alomar... Her first day being kitbashed. lol

After I got myself HOT TOYS Sheva Alomar a few days ago, I was wondering to kitbashed Sheva into someone else.

Then last night, I watched one of my favorite horror movies, "Friday the 13th" where Jason would 'LOVE' to chase people and slice 'em up like some sort of... meat. Mmmm~~~ meat...

Man, I fell like I wanna eat 2 large Pepperoni pizzas everytime Jason slicing people like nothing. (even though it's gross to watch them...)

Here's the images of Sheva Alomar, cosplaying as Jason Voorhees:-

Sheva using the jacket that similars to Jason's and wears the hockey mask. Oh, and don't ask me where I get that awesome hockey mask. It's VERY LIMITED in Brunei.

Different angle view.

Sheva's looking at you. Ooooh.... Scary... o.O

If you guys are wondering what's underneath the jacket, here it is:-

She wears the same belt and holsters, just that I add another belt and another knife that looks like machete but a bit short.

I placed the knife on her left (right if you see it in front) belt, almost exact same position as Jason.

Oh yeah, I haven't put her knife into her sheath yet. Maybe sooner... or later.

She wears the same boots, as always. The truth is, I really don't like these BIO 5 figures. Why? 'Cause they have NO FEET when I removing the shoes. NO FEET AT ALL. But thank goodness that they made a TrueType figures which that includes a COMPLETE set of hands and feets. I'll buy them later after my mom's cool down 100%.

A closer look of Sheva wearing a mask.

Left-angle view.

Bottom-right angle view.

Half-front view.

After edit. I know it's not that great 'cause I didn't add any effects at the background.

Okay, okay. I know what you guys are going to say about this;

"WTF? Jason doesn't use any guns! He only use melee weapons!"

But THIS IS Sheva, cosplaying as JASON VOORHEES. So fuck off, pendejo! >:(
But she looks cool, doesn't she? :)

Bottom-right angle view.

Upper-left angle view.

Front view.


Holy shit! She's gonna kill Wesker! Quick, Wesker! Run! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
*looks at Sheva's right hand*
Oh shit... She's grabbed his hood!
*looks at Sheva's left hand*

...Poor Wesker, he's gonna make a run for it...
Curse you, Sheva! CURSE YOU!!!


And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching the images, and I'll see you guys in the next post. ;)

Oh, and btw...

Stay tuned...

For the next...

"Kitbashing" Sheva Alomar...