"Kitbashing" Sheva Alomar - Day 2

Tell you something; this takes me in about 2 days just to make one post. Can't you believe that?!

So, it's her day again, and it is a day for another kitbashing! Yay! lol

This took me a while to remove all the clothes and the accessories, same as the "Jason Voorhees" post, 'cause the belt seems a bit tight, so it just took some time to put it back on. Now that everything's good and everything's fit, it's time to show you the images:-

Well, yes, of course, she wears the same jacket as the "Jason Voorhees" one, but she wearing a different outfit which I'll show it to you later.

As you can see, she wears a soldier outfit that almost resemble like Wesker's, but it's different.

Different angle view.

Different position, closer-angle view.

Sheva hiding behind the wall.

Hmm... I wonder what "tactic" is she going to kill Wesker this time?

Sheva posing. Btw, the jacket's are half-open so that you can see what kind of camo she wears.

Bottom-left angle view.

Bottom-right angle view.

Closer view. Wow... She's beautiful... xP

And that's for the jacket. Now, let's take a look at the uniform.

This is Sheva, along with her accessories including the headset. She wears a "Tiger Stripe" camo, which it's included in MGS3, but NOT IN RESIDENT EVIL 5. In the game, she only has 4 versions;

1.) B. S. A. A. version
2.) Clubbin' Version
3.) Tribal Version
and 4.) Folklore Version

But you wouldn't never see her in this "Soldier" version. lol

Closer view.

Right-angled view.

Left-side view. I did mentioned about the headset, right?

You can see that she carries LOTS of STUFF like Naked Snake did, but she's not carrying any pouches with her. Maybe soon...

So, as I was saying about the headset, I put the "communicator" onto her holster...

...and I put the radio into the pouch and I put the radio pouch onto her belt. A new belt, not the brown one.

And for the accessories, she only carries the Scorpion mag on her left pocket.

For weapons, she carries Scorpion, M1911, her knife...

...a short Machete look-a-like...

...and a Beretta.

Sheva withdraws her knife and her gun at the same time.

Hmm... Something's not quite right... Is it just me? Or... does it?
I feel like I'm remembered something...
How should I explain this...?
More like a... déja vú ...

Bottom-left angle view.

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching the images as much as I am, and stay tuned for the next "kitbashing of Sheva Alomar. ;)