PLAY ARTS KAI presents: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Figures!

Yes, well, not only Medicom making MGS figures, but SQUARE ENIX also making MGS figures, too. And they look BETTER than the Medicom version.

The release date of this figures is unknown, but it'll be released soon. If you're a huge fan of MGS like me, I recommend you guys getting this figure. For right now, let's just say we'll wait till they announce the figure's release date. And here's the prototype images (and the half-finished product):-

This is the images of Naked Snake/Big Boss made by PLAY ARTS/SQUARE ENIX. I tell ya, it's pretty detailed rather than FF series. (no offense to FF fans. lol)

Of course, he's poseable, unlike the Medicom ones, except the 12" ones. Those are poseable.

More "poseabled" Snake.

And this is the half-finished product that I was talking about earlier. There's actually 2 types of figure to be made and that is:-

1.) Sneaking Snake
2.) Battle Snake (or something)

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching the images, and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. Oh, and sorry for making a short post, btw. ;)