What I Did A Past Few Days

Hey, guys! Sorry for not being active, I was having problems with my internet recently. I couldn't reach my Blogger either, since my internet gone nuts a past few days. So anyway, you guys might be wondering what were I doing a past few days? Well, here's the story...

The 1st Day,

I was having a discuss with my friends about being a Blogger by starting a new way rather than just posting about figures. So I tell them that rather than figures, what if I post something else, like say, what am I doing right now, or even posting about what costume should I get and etc., etc. And they were like, "Now that'll be awesome. 'Cause that's what Bloggers do." We were talking and talking and we even laugh at it. And in the end, we're saying goodbyes to each other and we're headed home...

The 2nd Day,

I always went to internet café, but due to the room who's filled with people, I decided to go on a tour for a bit. We went to Hua Ho Mall just to walking around, doing nothing. I haven't been there, like, 2-3 years now. I'm starting to miss that place. We went there to buy some food, and Syafiq went to toilet room, and I don't where Farid gone, but we somehow manage to find him at the stairs where it's near to 2 toilets. We went up to 3rd Floor to find the AV shop and.... it's gone. There's nothing up there. What all we see is the salon and the boutique shop or something. But the AV is gone for good. Same goes to Giordano shop. I wonder why they're gone...

The 3rd - 6th Day,

Got nothing to do, just staying at home, playing L4D, learning making movies using 720p, making music, and then playing L4D again, learning making designs, and all over and over again.

The 7th Day,

This is where my internet's gettin' better, but I haven't make any post since I was kinda tired.

And that's my journal of the day and the post of the day, I hope you guys are enjoy reading the post, and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)