"Kitbashing" Naked Snake - Day 3

Today is another perfect day... for Snake, that is. And today is his third day of "KITBASHING".

Since his name is "NAKED Snake", today he went outside, running around without wearing any shirt. Just the pants, but he's not just wearing the pants. Today, he's bringing something NEW, something that's "METAL".

And here it is:-

Here he is, with his hew weapon. About the weapon, I'll get into that later, but for right now, let's talk about him first.

The truth is, these are OLD ones. Like I said in the previous post, the new ones is the "PW" version, 'cause I removed his radio headset. In this image, you can see he's still wearing the radio headset.

And this is the one that I'm talking about earlier. A full of metal bullets. Actually, this one is based from the latest MGS game, "Peace Walker". I saw one of the outfit that says "NAKED" in PW, but instead of simply NAKED, he wears this bullets around his body. Here's the comparison between the game and the figure:-







Although it's not 100% accurate, 'cause he wears it in REVERSE, but atleast he got BIGGER BULLETS. Bigger the bullets the better.

And that's for the new stuff for Snake. Now, let's talk about the weapon that Snake holding it earlier.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this is supposed to be at my previous post, but due to my limited time at the café, I only posted a few. Now that I got some time at home, I can finally post some more images of the previous post.

Even though you can't see the weapon, but that weapon he holds is MK43. But the model's almost the same as M60.

You can see the ammo box is similar to M60, it even includes some small bullets.

The muzzle's shape is same, too.

The only thing that adds is the grip, as you can see the image above.

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy reading and watching the images, and I'll see you guys in the next post. ;)