My Video Review at! OMGWTFBBQ!!!

You guys have NO IDEA what's going, and I'm SO excited! xD

Do you guys know why I'm so hype today? If you remembered watching my MGS4 video review, then you'll probably still remembers it. And today, I got some surprise for you...


Yep! You heard that right! My video review is there, and it's been posted! Yay! What, you guys don't believe me? Here's the proof:-

I'm so surprised and EXCITED to see it's been posted right there! I feel happy now! 8D
But... I feel sad at the same time...

...I miss my Old Snake. :'(

But then again, I feel happy! 8D
Go ahead and click at the link if you guys don't believe me! After I saw my vid back there, I feel like I wanna make another video review of it. But maybe sooner or later.

For right now, I need to go and take a rest, and I'll see you guys in the next post. ;)