Okay, just like I promised, here's my WHITE-HOCKEY MASK! Yep, a WHITE-HOCKEY MASK only available at Little M. Here's the images:-

A front view of the mask.

The back view of the mask.

I'm sorry if I only take a few photos of it, 'cause right now, I'm pretty busy searching for the eyepatch so that I can complete my cosplay as Xigbar. Yep, you heard that right. I'm going to cosplay as Xigbar! Thanks to 'him', for reserving my KH2 Cloak which it cost me $85.90. Nope, no discount price. It's a fixed price.

It's been for, like 4 months now and I feel tired waiting for it. Now, I have the cloak, and there's nothing I'm going to worry about.

So, if you guys have any request, you can go to 'his' shop, and tell 'him' that you want a KH2 Cloak, but you need to have some money first if you want it.

And that's all for my hockey mask. I'll see you guys sooner or later in the post. ;)