My Naruto's Kakashi Face Mask!

Yes, my Naruto's Kakashi Face Mask which I bought it BEFORE Eric BANNED me from his blog. So unlucky, huh? I just bought the mask right before when I was took my KH2 cloak. Here's a couple of images of the mask:-

A mask in the package. I think it looks like this when I buy the mask.

The back view of the package.

$7.90? Wow, that's cheap.

You can see that the mask is made of soft cloth which you can stretch it.
And yes, it's so smooth. Well, not too smooth, just smooth.

A receipt of my Naruto mask.

And that's all for my ninja mask. The next post that I'm going to show is...


Yes, the white hockey mask. And like usual, I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)